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For people or couples matured 70 and over

– For seniors who need cash for care or immobilien-hof social insurance

– For seniors whose property is still charged with an advance

– For seniors with low month to month salary

– For seniors with a one-time capital necessity

– For seniors without beneficiaries

You have made yourself agreeable in your home. You have contributed a great deal of time, exertion and cash to make it look decent in mature age. What’s more, obviously you would prefer not to move out there any longer.

Yet, you additionally realize that a great deal of cash is tied up in your home or condo. Cash that you could utilize well. For instance, to have the option to manage the cost of somewhat more extravagance, to exploit extra mind administrations, to support your youngsters or grandkids monetarily or to repay old obligations.

The handout of Deutsche Leibrenten Grundbesitz AG contains additional data:

Download: Life annuity handout

In the event that you are intrigued, you can round out the survey and send it to us:

Download: survey

How the land annuity functions:

We can satisfy these desires for you: a long lasting option to live in your natural home and more prominent money related degree. How? We purchase your home or loft. You will get a deep rooted option to live and a month to month valuable annuity. Regardless of whether as a solitary individual or as a team.

An autonomous master readies an examination of your property, and we compute your annuity from it. With the legally approved confirmation of the deal, you get the passage of the deep rooted right of home and annuity in the land register.

Who is qualified for the land annuity?

Mortgage holders matured 70 and over who are keen on an extra benefits are qualified for the land annuity. They are given a deep rooted option to live and remain in their natural social condition. The offer applies to people and couples the same.

Which land objects are reasonable for the land annuity?

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