10 Ways to Play with Water Beads – Teaching Mama

Watering the Water Beads

I for the most part leave a little pitcher of water close to the water globules so the children can include water when they need the water dabs to develop more or simply need more water in the tub.

For more water globule science, take a stab at freezing water dots (as they did on Fit Kids Clubhouse) or absorbing them carbonated water rather than ordinary water (as they did on Caution! Twins at Play).

Water Beads


7. Water dots in the bath or pool

We’ve taken our water dots in the shower once in a while (when they were amplified and there was no danger of them descending the channel) and the children have a great time scooping them up with the sifter and playing with them…

I’ve additionally observed others use them in the kiddie pool (as here on Busy Hands Blessed Hearts).

8. Water dabs down the cylinders

We haven’t really attempted this thought at this point, however I feel that they would be extraordinary fun with these straightforward cylinders and pipes that Asia from Fun at Home with Kids set up with her kiddos…

9. Unwind with water dabs

This really has a place up there close, if not with, that first tactile improvements one. Water dabs are alleviating to contact and take a gander at. Playing with them can help quiet a resentful kid or calm a nervous one. They are likewise a loosening up approach to begin or end the day.

Bob water dots

10. Bob water dots

Truly, they skip! Something you rapidly learn on the off chance that you drop a few. They skip and dissipate everywhere. While you would prefer not to spill a bowl-full, testing their bob capacity is entertaining.

Have you utilized water dots yet? If not, I suggest checking out them!

Keep in mind, you can get them on Amazon for a couple of dollars or search for them at the Dollar Tree or an art store, for example, Michael’s… That’s not a great deal to pay for all the pleasant you’re certain to have with these!

More thoughts for how to manage water dots

In the event that you like themed tangible tubs, look at this shoreline water dab tactile tub (at The Imagination Tree) or this lake life water dab tactile tub (at Fun Littles).

Make Glowing Rainbow Water Beads with Flourescent paint (on Growing a Jeweled Rose)

Arranging Water Beads by Color

… or use spoons (estimating spoons work particularly well).

… or utilize these great child scoopers.

How to manage Water Beads – Shaving Cream Play

. Water dots with shaving cream

Include shaving cream for twofold the tangible fun! Shaving cream is a great tangible material all alone yet in addition stands out superbly from water dots. We played with the two together…

How to manage Water Beads – Shaving Cream Play

… and the children additionally made a shaving cream “cake” with water dab embellishments.

Contracting Water Beads

Water globule science

These polymers develop as they ingest water and psychologist as water vanishes from them… See the dabs that were kept separate from the water plate and how much littler some of them are? It is fascinating to watch them contracting when kept separate from water and developing again when placed in water.

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